Chapter 10 Resolutions

DAV is a resolution based organization, which means we can only support or oppose legislation that is part of our legislative agenda.  This starts with resolutions from each DAV Chapter.  Those approved by a chapter will then go to their respective DAV Department for adoption.  Those adopted will go to the DAV National Convention for consideration.  


Chapter 10 has been actively engaged in the resolution process for years and we have impacted issues in Virginia and nationally.  We start the new resolution process in January and February each year.  If you have any ideas for legislative issues, please let us know.  All resolutions must conform with DAV's Statement of Policy which focuses on disabled veterans and their families.       

2019 Chapter 10 Resolutions

In 2019 we adopted 20 resolutions, 19 were adopted by the National Convention.  These resolutions are now part of DAV's National Legisaltive Agenda.  To view all 20 resolutions, click here! They cover a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Removing the 30 day requirement for Camp Lejeune Contaminated Water Presumptive Diseases

  • Adding Bladder Cancer, Hypothyroidism, Parkinson's-like syndromes and Hypertension as Presumptive Diseases for Agent Orange Exposure

  • Creating Presumptive Service Connection Benefits for the effects of antimalarial medications, specifically mefloquine

  • Provide Benefits for Toxic Exposures, burn pits.

  • Extension of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  • VA Debt Collection and Overpayment Reform

  • Providing Child Care Services for Veterans Attending VA Programs and Services


In 2018, Chapter 10 adopted 12 resolutions.  To view the 2018 resolutions, click here! 


2018 Chapter 10 Resolutions

2017 Chapter 10 Resolutions

In 2017, Chapter 10 adopted 5 resolutions.  To view the 2017 resolutions, click here! 


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